Nishka, Scarcity
Alexis, Specialization and Trade
Shaliyah, Needs and Wants

South Carolina

Color the Concepts Calendar Contest

Color the Concepts Calendar Contest

Students in grades K-8 are challenged with illustrating one of ten concepts which are outlined in the South Carolina Social Studies Standards.


  1. Scarcity

  2. Opportunity Cost

  3. Needs and Wants

  4. Consumers and Producers

  5. Goods and Services

  6. Productive Resources

  7. Specialization and Trade

  8. Budgeting

  9. Savings and Spending

  10. Investing


In order to be judged, entries must be in compliance with all of the following rules. All entries must:

  • Be original and hand-drawn horizontally on an 8½" x 11" sheet of white paper or created digitally featuring 50% or more original art

  • Be in color – not black and white

  • Include all lettering in black and all artwork outlined in black

  • Be an illustration of one of the ten economics or personal finance concept categories listed on this website

  • Include text and art work at least ½" from all edges of the paper

  • Print the economic/personal finance concept(s) illustrated in large letters at the top of the page and make sure the words are spelled correctly.


  • Submit only one entry per student

  • Include only one completed entry form for each teacher submitting entries

  • Submit the following information by lightly taping a separate piece of paper or 3 x 5 index card on the back of each poster (no paper clips): student name and grade level, teacher’s full name, school name, and school district


16 winners and their teachers will receive $25 in cash!

Illustrations will be published in the Color the Concepts Calendar!

Color the Concept


If you have any questions, feel free to email Megan at

Rylee, Specialization and Trade
Sean, Scarcity
Avery, Opportunity Cost

2019-2020 SC Color the Concept Calendar

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2020-2021 Calendar FINAL After Big Print Ran CBJrf.9.pdf