2019-2020 South Carolina Economics

Teacher of the Year

Dr. Ashley Bowers, pictured left, of Ashley Ridge High School was selected unanimously as the SC Economics Teacher of the Year. Dr. Bowers has the ability to weave relevant threads of life and career experiences into her classroom while teaching English, Literature, and Composition. Many of the threads relate to career decision-making, personal finance, and real-world problems in economics (the study of choice). Dr. Bowers was also identified as the first qualified participant in the South Carolina Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program in January of 2020.

SC Economics Wins Bronze Level Curriculum Award

SC Economics Program Director, Chandler Jordan, and Project Manager, Amanda Stiglbauer, were recognized with a Bronze Curriculum Award at the National Association of Economic Educator's Spring Meeting for their original lesson plan, An Interactive Way to Teach Absolute and Comparative Advantage. This lesson allows students to create data through hands-on competitions, like texting and push ups, in order to determine the opportunity cost of each activity. Once students have determined opportunity cost, they can understand why we as individuals, states, and nations trade.

John Morton Excellence in the Teaching of Economics Winner

Amanda Stiglbauer, pictured left, economics teacher at Blythewood High School and SC Economics' Project Manager, was selected by the national Council for Economic Education to receive the John Morton Excellence in the Teaching of Economics Award at the high school level. This recognition reflects how Amanda's excellence makes a difference and exemplifies how the importance of economic and financial education is critical to students’ future success. She was honored at the 58th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference in October in Los Angeles, CA. Pictured left to right: Chandler Jordan (Program Director), Kurt Stiglbauer, Amanda Stiglbauer, and Dr. Gary Stone (board member).